Bird: Sora (Porzana Carolina)

Height: 9"

Description: A small, stock dark brown rail with a short, bright yellow bill and bright yellow patch under the tail. Back is dark brown with white patterning. Breast gray with some barring. Face is black. Immature lacks black face and breast if buff.

Voice: Voice is a "kerweee" that ascends in tone, or a descending series of piping notes. Audio is available at

Sora 2

Feeding: Soras feed among reeds and in open muddy flats where they can stay near reeds for cover. They peck at the ground and eat mostly seeds.

Behavior at Wakodahatchee: The Sora is remarkably visible at Wakodahatchee where they feed in the open on the edges of cattail stands and in among the Fireflag. They are usually hidden and frequently retreat back into cover, but they are very numerous so it doesn't take much patience or luck to see one. They fight openly with Virginia Rails which are much harder to spot.

Sora 1

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I saw a Sora for the first time this year on November 4. There were two of them feeding in the marsh at the end of the concrete walk opposite the Third Gazebo. Since then, many more Sora have arrived and I see them throughout the park. I've only heard one sing once, when I startled it.

Sora 3

The Sora has a high reproductive rate, and is common in its habitat. However, due to habitat destruction, they have become scarce in highly urban areas. Their prevalence at Wakodahatchee is a visible testament to the advantages of habitat reclamation.

Sora 4

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