Tour Stop 2: Entering Wakodahatchee


Pictures can not do Wakodahatchee justice. All five senses are required to fully appreciate the park. The first views are hidden behind a bank of Bulrushes to the right, but the air is filled with the laugh-like calls of battling Moorhens and American Coots. You might see a V-shaped formation of White Ibis descending overhead to feed on top of the grassy berm between the park and the parking lot. The White Ibis has black wing tips, and a long curved orange beak.


The boardwalk is wheelchair accessible. It ramps up between rows of Sabal Palms toward an entrance poster that is shielded under the roof of a wooden stand. If there is a brochure available, take one. It has a list of the park birds, park information, and a watercolor map. A great deal of information on this web site is also available in the park brochure.

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