Tour Stop 6: A Living Monet


Wakodahatchee is home to many kinds of aquatic plants. Emergent marsh zones (the shallows between the berms) are composed of bulrush, duck-potato, arrowhead, spikerush, fireflag, and pickerelweed. Herbaceous species planted at the upper edge of the marsh zones include sawgrass, Fakhahatchee grass, and Gulf muhlygrass. Forested species also planted at the edges of the marsh include cypress, pond apple, Carolina willow, red maple, and buttonbush. As mentioned earlier, duckweed occurs naturally throughout the park. Cattails were not planted and their anticipated colonization is being controlled. Native upland plant species have been planted on the site berms, and include dahoon holly, sabal palm, saw palmetto, cocoplum, live oak, mahogany, and slash pine.


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