Tour Stop 7: The Second Gazebo


The view from the second gazebo is the largest visible open pond in the park. There are a number of habitat islands in front of the gazebo. On the nearest island there is a snag of dead trees that provide habitat for Cormorants and Anhingas (See the Birds of Wakodahatchee section to learn to tell the two apart). A raised platform on a neighboring island provides another spot for these birds to rest. Herons, egrets and grebes fish around the islands. I once saw a flock of about ten Snowy Egrets near the second gazebo perched around and on top of a sleeping alligator. They were much more afraid of me than they were of him. To catch sights like these, visit the park on deserted summer afternoons, after the daily thunderstorm. In the winter the birds are more plentiful, but so are the tourists.

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