Tour Stop 10: The Concrete Walk


As soon as you reach the concrete walk, look to the south between the Sabal Palms. You will see a canal bordered by Cord Grass. The water in the canal is the hunting ground for Anhinga, Cormorants, Tricolored and Little Blue Herons, and Wood Storks. Continue looking to the south as you proceed down the walk. A pile of dead leaves and dirt on the bank of the marsh may be an alligator nest. There was one on the south side of the concrete walk in the summer of 2000. Don't approach the nests, appreciate from a distance. Alligators are usually docile, but I have a friend from Tampa who tells me that his father once spent almost an hour in a tree avoiding a confrontation with a female alligator that decided he was a threat to her nest. Live oaks line the concrete walk. In the winter they are full of Palm and Pine Warblers, Blue-gray Gnatcatchers and Butter-Butt (The Yellow-rumped Warbler). Also look for Marsh Rabbits (See if you can catch one swimming).

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