Tour Stop 11: The Last Turn


Just past the concrete walk there is an open shallow, muddy marsh area to the right of the boardwalk. I have seen as many as four Sora (small rails that look like tiny brown gallinules with bright yellow beaks) feeding here at once. Spend some time looking around the edges of the pond. You're sure to see Teals, Grebes, Ibis, and various herons and egrets. This is the last stop on the tour. Wakodahatchee was first conceived in 1992, and was built by the Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department between 1995 and 1996 at a cost of $2.85 million. Wakodahatchee allows Palm Beach County to perform the required task of waste water filtration while simultaneously reclaiming wetland environment and providing the public with a park-like setting. If you are planning to visit Wakodahatchee in the near future, I hope you find this tour informative. If you are a frequent visitor, please suggest improvements or send comments by selecting the "Comments" link on the main page. Thanks for taking the virtual tour! Come back soon.

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