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Green Cay Wetlands

Green Cay Wetlands Location

The Green Cay Wetlands and Nature Center are located at 12800 Hagen Ranch Road, which is in suburban Boynton Beach on the east side of Hagen Ranch Road, between Boynton Beach Boulevard and Atlantic Avenue.


The wetland boardwalk is open to the general public from sunrise to sunset, seven days a week. The nature center hours are Tuesday through Friday, 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Saturday, 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Sunday, 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Giving Back to Nature

For more than 40 years, Ted and Trudy Winsberg worked the land at their Green Cay Farm, producing the finest bell peppers and other winter vegetables around. Through the years, surrounding farms in the area were converted one by one to large-scale developments, but the Winsbergs had a different vision for their land -- the Green Cay Wetlands. The Winsbergs' love for this land, coupled with their untold generosity and desire to make the world a better place, have resulted in world-class constructed wetlands. Prior to becoming farmland, this land consisted of an open prairie with wetland areas. By transforming it into the Green Cay Wetlands, the land's natural beauty has been restored and an oasis of green space within a suburban community has been created.

Water Reclamation

In addition to providing educational and recreational opportunities for the public and habitat for wildlife, the Green Cay Wetlands have been designed to naturally filter several million gallons of highly treated water each day from Palm Beach County's Southern Region Water Reclamation Facility. The wetlands also help to recharge groundwater resources and keep water in the earth's water cycle. To accomplish this, Green Cay incorporates 86 different species of trees, shrubs, grasses and aquatic vegetation.

Elevated Boardwalk

A 1.5-mile elevated boardwalk includes two loops that wind throughout the wetlands. Along the way, visitors can stop and enjoy the vista, learn more about South Florida wetland species through attractive porcelain interpretive signage and experience their visit from a large chickee hut, which is constructed in the traditional Seminole fashion from cypress logs and cabbage palm branches. Nature lovers already familiar with the nearby Wakodahatchee Wetlands will be delighted with the newly constructed 100 acres of wetlands. Green Cay emulates the Everglades ecosystem with a wide expanse of marsh habitat and intermittent tree islands and cypress hammocks.

Interpretive Nature Center

The 9,000-square-foot Green Cay Nature Center features interactive exhibits and programs the entire family will enjoy. Exciting hands-on experiences with live animals, artifacts and activities will help visitors of all ages enjoy, appreciate, and better understand South Florida's wetlands.

Exhibits include a turtle pond, frog habitat, an alligator hole, a wetland diorama, and educational murals. Visitors will experience what life in South Florida wetlands was like for the early Glades culture people depicted in Life in the Wetlands, and will learn geological and cultural history through A History of the Land. Other exhibits teach about our water supply, water cycles, conservation, and water purification. The Green Cay Nature Center also includes a gift shop, laboratory, an audio-visual room and a lecture hall with a panoramic view of the surrounding wetlands.

For more information about programs and other offerings, please visit the Palm Beach County Parks Nature Center website
Last Updated : 02/08/2007