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Meet Buddy

My Buddy

Mascot Name: Buddy
Height:  Very tall
Weight: Too shy to say
Revealed:  2014
Home:  Palm Beach County, Fl
Favorite Food: Shrimp, plankton, crustaceans, and tiny fish
Surprising Facts: Seahorses are bad swimmers (that’s why Buddy wears a life jacket), they always have a buddy with them (hence, the name “Buddy”), they can be seen in the water underneath the Blue Heron bridge in Riviera Beach, Fl  
A Few Pet Peeves: Poor adult supervision, swimming alone, floaties, not wearing a properly fitted US Coast Guard approved life jacket, and not swimming in front of a lifeguard
Secret Wish: To have ZERO drowning and near drowning incidents in Palm Beach County every year because residents are being Water Safe and Water Smart



A Sinking Vehicle

The DPC is NO LONGER ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS. We have reached our limit. Please check our website in July. Hopefully we will have additional funding to start re-issuing certificates.

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The Drowning Prevention Coalition


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The DPC's Mission: To prevent drowning, near-drowning and other water-related incidents in Palm Beach County by educating residents on water safety and basic rescue techniques.

The number one cause of drowning in both Palm Beach County and the U.S. is Unsupervised Water Activity.

Ages 1-4 have the highest drowning rate in Palm Beach County*.
    * based on population
    * Source: Palm Beach County Medical Examiner records and the Office of Economic and Demographic Research

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  • Drowning Prevention Coalition of Palm Beach County
    405 Pike Rd
    West Palm Beach, Fl 33411
  • Email: Drowning Prevention Coalition
  • Phone: 561.616.7068
  • Fax: 561.616.7084

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