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PIA of the Hypoluxo Farms Road FirePIA of the Hypoluxo Farms Road Fire
Story and Photos by Captain Don Delucia. Posted on May 12th , 2006

Chief Anderson conducted a PIA of the Hypoluxo farms Road fire. On April 18th units responding to an explosion from fireworks. Fireworks and more explosions continued to jepordize firefighter safety. The fire was declared under control one hour and 4 minutes into the incident.

The incident is a crime scene and the investigation remains an open case.

HAM Radio ClassHAM Radio Class
Story and Photos by Captain Don Delucia. Posted on May 10th , 2006

On May 2-4, 2006, Communications Specialist - Dave Messinger (N4QPM), from PBC EOC provided a HAM radio class for 28 Fire-Rescue employees. The class addressed HAM radios and the need for Emergency Communications, not only during Hurricane season or times of disasters, but throughout the year.

The three day class was held at the Palm Beach County Emergency Operations Center and the Supervisor of Elections office. The participants had typically been assigned as Battalion Command Team members, Station Managers, or Company Officers.

"31" Crews Lead by Example"31" Crews Lead by Example
Story and Photos by Captain Don Delucia. Posted on May 10th , 2006

The Customer Service Team would like to recognize station 31 crews for "Leading by Example". Apparently a young boy had been struck by a motor vehicle while riding his bicycle to school one morning last week. RE31 B shift responded with Cpt. Wooldridgte, DO Mack Hobbs, and FM Reyburn on board. Fortunately the boy was not hurt, however, his bicycle was out of service and unable to ride. The child was a little emotional since he was going to be late for school and his bike was all banged up.

PBSO gave the boy a ride to school, but it was RE31 that empowered themselves to toss the broken bike atop the hosebed of the engine for a little firehouse repair. After making some quick adjustments and realigning the wheels, the crew delivered the boy's bicycle to the school where they met with the child's principal to inform him what had occurred. A bystander witnessed Mac Hobbs, Wooldridge, and Reyburn initially on the street and was quite impressed at the length that our crews were committed to in order to make sure that this boy's day did not end on a sour note. The bystander notified a member of our Customer Service Team to inform us that these guys were exemplary of what our department is all about,.... good people doing good things. It's an important message to share that members should view every potential interaction with the public as an opportunity to enhance our professional public image.

Thank you RE31 for "Leading by Example".

Structure Fire in Station 23's ZoneStructure Fire in Station 23's Zone
Story and Photos by Captain Don Delucia. Posted on May 10th , 2006

A fire, later to be determined suspicious, was fought by crews at the end of Hibiscus Street in suburban West Palm Beach on Wednesday May 3. When crews arrived, the abandoned house was heavily involved in fire and a defensive attack was initiated.

Units on scene: RE23, RE24, R23, DC10, PI1, EMS2, LA34, RE33, R23b, BC3 and IV3.

Traffic Accident in Suburban Royal Palm BeachTraffic Accident in Suburban Royal Palm Beach
Story and Photos by Captain Don Delucia. Posted on May 9th , 2006

Around mid-afternoon on Friday May 5, dispatch received a call for a severe traffic accident on Royal Palm Beach Blvd in unincorporated Palm Beach County. On arrival, units found multiple vehicles involved. A pickup truck had heavy damage with extrication necessary to free the driver. One person was trauma alerted and transported by air to the trauma center. Three other people had lesser injuries.

Units on scene included: R28, RE28, DC2, EMS2, R21, R27, RE22, PI1, DC9.

Fast Eddie Serves It Up!Fast Eddie Serves It Up!
Story and Photos by Captain Houston Park. Posted on May 9th , 2006

Ed Ehrke (aka - Fast Eddie) has been nominated by the Customer Service Team for his exemplary performances out in the field and his stance on customer service concepts through the job that he provides. Eddie has worked hard at building his reputation for fast, courteous and efficient service amongst his customers throughout PBCFR. Ed's customer's, the fire personnel that make up the department, gave him the name "Fast Eddie" because he was the one that crews would often turn to in order to get the job done right, and get it done fast! Ed has been a Fire Apparatus Technician for 18 years with PBCFR and is known for his friendly approach and his expert opinion when it comes down to firefighters and their trucks.

You might know Ed to stop into just about any firehouse in the county for a quick hello or a corny joke, but make no mistake about it, Ed focuses on his people and his relationships just as hard as the vehicles he maintains. By supporting and serving his fire fighters Ed has been successful in building positive customer relationships where he has earned the trust of fire fighters by demonstrating that the people come first! He really cares about keeping the trucks in good service so that the crews may do their jobs safely. Ed is known to give his Nextel numbers to crew members so that they may call him at any time whether on duty or off. Many times Ed was able to walk crews through a temporary situation while on the phone so that emergency vehicles would remain in service till the repair could be made the next morning.

Fast Eddie has also expedited to emergency scenes in order to facilitate a mechanical evaluation or repair with the sense of urgency that only superior customer service demands. Of course this meant that Eddie relied on his experience, skills, and best judgement in order to make those decisions possible,...... but then again that's what makes Edwin Ehkre our top pick for this year's very first Customer Service Award.

Congratulations Fast Eddie and thanks for "Leading by Example! "

May Day DrillsMay Day Drills
Story and Photos by Captain Houston Park. Posted on May 9th , 2006

Fire Rescue crews practice Mayday drills to stay proficient for rescuing Firefighters. Drills include calling Mayday, activation of PASS, untangling the trapped Firefighter, and packaging the Firefighter for removal.

A 406 tanker Truck Rolls Over in JupiterA 406 tanker Truck Rolls Over in Jupiter
Story and Photos by Captain Houston Park. Posted on May 9th , 2006

Friday morning a 406 gasoline tanker truck rolled over on Indiantown road and the exit from the Florida turnpike. Traffic came to a stop east and west on Indiantown and the turnpike entrance/exit at Jupiter was shut down for nine and half hours. Rescue Engine 19, Special Operation 19, rescue 19, Rescue 16, Battalion 1, Tender 14 , Battalion 9, D/C 9 and safety 2 responded to the scene. PBSO, FHP, DOT, and Jupiter Police were also on scene for the entirety.

Jupiter Police and Chief St. Pierre established a unified command with the other agencies. Kauffs towing had two heavy duty trucks, one capable of lifting 50 tons and the other capable of lifting 70 tons. Kauffs played a critical role in the stabilization and over turning of the 406 tanker. A third party contractor was brought in to drill holes into the tanker and pump out the fuel to another tanker.

A lesson learned from this incident: The tanker had 1203 placards but carried diesel fuel. This is allowed by DOT.

USPS Biological Detection ExerciseUSPS Biological Detection Exercise
Story and Photos by Captain Houston Park. Posted on May 9th , 2006

Sunday morning an alarm was sounded at the post office on Summit. The alarm sounded just like a fire alarm and a message was sent to dispatch advising of a Bio alarm. Special Operations 31, Rescue Engine 31, R31, RE33, R33, RE19, D/C 9, EMS 9, EMS 2, DRU 1, 6 United States Postal Inspectors, USPS management, Safety 2, B/C 9, Division Chief OBannon, and PBSO participated in the exercise. The objectives were to evaluate the USPS and their new capabilities of collecting evidence involving a bio agent. Other objectives were to deploy the DRU and the necessary crews to assist in setting up the DECON tent and the Shelter carried in the DRU.

Palm Beach County Emergency Management and the Health Department were also on scene and they joined in with a unified command aboard the Tactical Command Unit.

House Fire on Success StreetHouse Fire on Success Street
Story and Photos by Captain Don Delucia. Posted on April 27th , 2006

Around 8:51 AM April 27th, dispatch received multiple calls for a house fire on the 4100 block of Success Street in suburban West Palm Beach. Units dispatched from Station 33 could see a heavy column of smoke as they were leaving the station. On arrival, they found heavy smoke and flames coming from the residence. The fire was quickly knocked down but required additional work to be completely out. No injuries were reported.

Units on scene included RE33, RE31, R36, DC9, PI1, EMS3, RE36, DC3, BC3, LA34 and EMS9.

Training at Station 28Training at Station 28
Story and Photos by Battalion Chief Nigel Baker. Posted on April 26th , 2006

During the week of April 24, 2006 units from Battalion 2 participated in department fire training on the new Draeger BA Comm devices, SCBA familiarization, Rapid Intervention Crew (RIC), and rescueing a downed Firefighter.

Thanks go to Instructor Krissy Phillips, James Schaffner, and the Training Division for providing the framework and scenarios for this excellent training.

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