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2014 Imposter Scams

Scams have been around for a long time. It is almost the end of January 2015. The most frightening scams have been the imposter scams. When anyone hears of the possibility of arrest or jail, panic sets in. Our guards drop. Consumers give out information they normally would not even consider telling to a stranger. Here are just a few of the scams our staff has heard about during 2014.


  • The IRS Imposter Scam - Someone calls impersonating an employee of the I.R.S. You are advised that you owe money. If it is not resolved now immediate legal action will be taken. The caller may threaten, arrest, deportation, garnishment or revoke licenses.

What Should I Do? - Hang up. Do not verify or give out any information. The I.R.S. does not call consumers. You can call the IRS at 800-829-1040 or go their website at if you think you owe federal taxes.


  • Tech Support Scam - A caller tells you they are with Microsoft and try to trick you into giving them access to your machine through software downloaded through their site. They even try to charge you for the software and ask for credit card information to complete the transaction.

What Should I Do? Again do not verify personal or financial information or grant an unknown third party access to your machine. If you are concerned about your machine, download legitimate security software and run a complete scan of the machine. If you provided your card number call your credit card company to stop/reverse the charges.


  • Jury Duty Scam - The caller identifies themselves and an officer of the court and advises that you failed to report for jury duty and an warrant has been issued for your arrest. You are asked to resolve the mattery by verifying personal information.

What Should I Do? Do not give out personal information. The clerk's office does not call for money or personal information. If you do receive one of these calls contact the Clerk of the Court at 561-355-2996 and provide them with as much information about the call as possible.









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