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The Consumer Staff has received phone calls from the general public concerning various potential scams and questionable phone calls.  One of the more common types of calls concerns involve calls to consumers that they owe money to a particular creditor.  If they fail to make arrangements with the caller right now, the caller will proceed with a lawsuit in the matter.  There are a number of different things to remember if you get this type of call.

  1. Stay calm. 
  2. Do not get into a discussion about the matter, your character, your finances, or your personal/private circumstances and/or challenges. 
  3. Tell the caller to send written verification of the debt to the address they have on record and hang up.
  4. Do not under any circumstances give the caller your credit card/debit account number, social security number or anything else.  Do not verify any information.
  5. If there is a lawsuit filed against you.  You will be served by a process server.  The paperwork will have the county seal with instructions to respond to the court within a certain amount of time.  A lawsuit can be verified by checking the Clerk of the Court records at
  6. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our office at (561) 712-6600 and ask for the investigator on duty.


Recent Inquiry:
The Division of Consumer recently received an inquiry concerning a solicitation advising a consumer that they can obtain certified copies of their property deed for $65.00.  Remember any official record, including property deeds, are available through the Palm Beach County Clerk of the Courts office at 561-355-2932 or through their website at for a minimal fee.





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