Contract Oversight and Evaluations Division

Vision Statement

Conduct contract oversight activities that enhance a business friendly procurement environment that is open, competitive and contracts are awarded equitably and economically.

Article XII, Section 2-423 in the Palm Beach County Code provides for the inspector general to be notified in writing prior to any meeting of a selection committee where any matter relating to the procurement of goods or services by the county is to be discussed.

The OIG contract oversight staff may be present at scheduled selection committees for procurement of services and goods; conduct on-site visits; and provide fraud awareness and prevention training.

The goal of the Contract Oversight Division of the OIG is to promote accountability, integrity, and efficiency throughout county and municipal procurement processes.   To that end, we:

  • Initiate, conduct, supervise, and coordinate contract oversight activities to detect, deter, prevent, and eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse in county and municipal government procurement;
  • Periodically attend contract selection committee meetings and provide feedback, where appropriate;
  • Conduct contract oversight reviews of an entity's procurement process which would result in recommendations to address shortcomings, irregularities and/or opportunities for improvement
  • Conduct procurement and fraud awareness training for county and municipal employees and vendors/contractors; and
  • Promote full and open competition and arm's-length negotiations with vendors/contractors.

Contract Oversight Report Types:

  • Letter to Management
  • A letter to management which provides our observations with suggestions, guidance, and/or best practices to enhance the procurement/contracting process.
  • Contract Oversight Report
  • An official notification to management identifying material weaknesses in the procurement/contracting process that may, or may not, comply with established policy and procedures. The OIG will make recommendations and request a response from management, or
  • A detailed report based on an in-depth review of one or more procurement/contracting process/activity/area that identifies risk(s) and irregularities, and opportunities for improvements. These may be initiated in response to a complaint or expressed concern; at the request of management as a tool for program improvement; or, as a result OIG staff’s risk assessment. The OIG may provide guidance and/or make recommendations and may request a response from management.

The OIG must maintain its independence and therefore does not provide operational guidance in an entity's procurement process, nor assist in the development of procurement policy and/or procedures.

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