Welcome from the Inspector General

Thank you for visiting the website of the Office of Inspector General (OIG). Our purpose (why we exist) is to provide independent and objective insight, oversight, and foresight in promoting efficiency, effectiveness, and integrity in government. Our promise (what we do) is to accomplish this through conducting audits, investigations, and contract oversight activities. Our values (how we behave) of Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Dedication, and Excellence reflect our PRIDE in serving the citizens of Palm Beach County.

By vote of the citizens, our jurisdiction includes the County Government and each of the 38 municipalities. Other public entities that have voluntarily entered into contracts for our oversight include the Children’s Services Council and the Solid Waste Authority.

It is an honor to serve as the IG of Palm Beach County. I am committed to championing openness, integrity, and continuous improvement in government.

John A. Carey 
Inspector General        

Inspector General John A. Carey - Open Letter to the Citizens of Palm Beach County

What Have We Done / What Are We Doing?

6/28/2010 - 3/31/2015

We Listen

6,424 Hotline / Office Calls

1,416 Correspondences

We Guard and Save Taxpayers' Dollars

$13,113,301 Found in Questioned Costs

$1,783,230 Found in Identified Costs

$9,194,436 Discovered in Avoidable Costs

We Make Government Better

431 Recommendations / Corrective Actions

354 Implemented

27 Not Implemented

50 Pending Implementation

Updated 4/17/2015

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A listing of common issues found by our staff while performing Audit, Investigative and contract oversight activities. The list contains reports where each issue was found.

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